The Myth is Just the Medium, Right?



Do we not revel especially in those stories of unbounded heroism born from the beiged mundanity of suburban streets? Do they not suggest that even us, we with our toaster ovens and backyard pools, might be the change we wish to see in the world? How wonderful that stories inspire us, include us, motivate us out of our lazy-boys and into greatness. That is what they do, right?


We must be careful that the myth itself does not become our meaning. 


Yet, in this enchantment with mythical heroism, there lies a subtle but profound dilemma. Our cherished myths and fables, rich in their narrative tapestry, were intended to spark in us a desire to embark on our own heroic journeys. They were never meant to instill a ‘shadow-fulfillment’ — the illusion of experiencing heroism vicariously.


This shadow-fulfillment has a tranquilizing effect. It gives us a taste of heroism, an ephemeral rush, without requiring us to step out of our comfort zones.


It’s a tantalizing escape, offering the thrill of adventure and the glory of triumph without the uncertainties and challenges of a real journey.


The real magic of myths, however, lies in their power to inspire us to become the most authentic versions of ourselves. They are not just tales of bravery and conquest; they are blueprints for personal growth and transformation. The true hero’s journey is about overcoming our own limitations, facing our fears, and emerging transformed. It’s about the journey to becoming more wholly ourselves.


But when we substitute these profound, life-altering experiences with shadow-fulfillment, we risk missing the essence of what these stories can teach us. Instead of being propelled to explore the depths of our potential, we remain content in the shallow waters of simulated heroism.


Are our narratives fueling our journey towards self-discovery and personal evolution? Or are they merely providing a comfortable illusion that prevents us from embarking on the true hero and heroine journeys that lie before us?


The challenge, then, is not just to find inspiration in these myths, but to let that inspiration be a call to action. Let it be a spark that ignites our desire to explore, to grow, and to become the fullest expression of ourselves.


mush love,
Bradley C & GPT