10 Tips & a Name Change From MAPS



The MAPS Bulletin recently offered ten tips for engaging respectfully with Indigenous people and plant medicines. These guidelines come at a time when the organization is undergoing significant changes, including MAPS PBC’s transformation to ‘Lykonos’.


The Ten Tips


1. Recognize the diversity and specific identities within Indigenous communities.

2. Respect Indigenous spiritual and environmental connections.

3. Acknowledge the depth of Indigenous knowledge and practices.

4. Emphasize the social aspects in Indigenous contexts.

5. Understand the political implications for Indigenous rights and environmental conservation.

6. Ensure genuine respect for Indigenous rights and cultures.

7. Build genuine, respectful relationships with Indigenous peoples.

8. Respect authenticity and traditions in sacred ceremonies.

9. Challenge Eurocentric perspectives and recognize diverse practices.

10. Engage with sacred plants and traditions with humility and cultural sensitivity.


The timing of this article’s release, alongside the renaming of MAPS PBC to “Lykonos”, meaning “wolf”, and their recent assertive market moves has a sort of intriguing irony to it. While the article promotes solidarity and deep respect for Indigenous wisdom and practices, Lykonos’ actions paint a potentially different picture of a bold, investment-driven entity.


I am in no way faulting MAPS here. Just pointing to a juxtaposition that all too well captures the essence of our modern era’s complex interplay between ancestral wisdom and corporate dynamics. Consider my interest sparked in observing how these contrasting approaches will interact and shape the future for all of us in the industry.



mush love,

Bradley C & GPT